Buyers Are Still More Active Than Norm; Showing Traffic Above 'Pre-Unicorn' Years

Buyers Are Still More Active Than Norm; Showing Traffic Above 'Pre-Unicorn' Years 🏡

Sellers, are you worried buyers aren’t out there? Just check out the data.

While it’s true that buyer activity may not be at the frenzied levels we saw during the so-called ‘unicorn’ years, it remains significantly higher than what we'd expect in a typical market. This means there are still plenty of people actively looking for homes. Let's explore what this means for you as a seller.

The Resilient Buyer Demand

Despite shifting market dynamics and economic uncertainties, buyer interest continues to surpass pre-unicorn levels. The 'unicorn' years were characterized by an unprecedented surge in buyer activity, driven by historically low interest rates and a strong economy. Although we are no longer in those peak years, current showing traffic data reveals that buyers are still actively searching for homes.

Why Buyers Are Still Out There

Several factors contribute to sustained buyer interest:

1. Low Inventory: With fewer homes on the market, buyers are competing for available properties, keeping demand strong.
2. Changing Lifestyles: Remote work and a reevaluation of living spaces have many people seeking homes that better suit their new lifestyles.
3. Investment Opportunities: Real estate remains a solid investment, and many buyers are looking to capitalize on this stability.

What This Means for Sellers

For sellers, this ongoing buyer activity is a golden opportunity. Here’s why:

1. Increased Visibility: With more buyers actively looking, your property is more likely to be seen by a larger audience.
2. Competitive Offers: Higher demand can lead to multiple offers, often driving up the final sale price.
3. Quicker Sales: Active buyers mean homes spend less time on the market, reducing the stress and uncertainty of prolonged selling periods.

Get Your Home Listed

Now is a prime time to list your home. By taking advantage of the current market conditions, you can ensure your property stands out and attracts motivated buyers. Here's what you can do:

1. Enhance Curb Appeal: First impressions matter. Make sure your home looks inviting from the outside.
2. Stage Effectively: Highlight your home's best features through strategic staging.
3. Price Competitively: Work with a real estate professional to set a price that reflects market conditions and attracts buyers.


The data is clear: buyers are still out there, and they're more active than we'd expect in a normal market. Don’t let worries about buyer availability hold you back. Get your home listed and take advantage of the sustained interest in the housing market. Let's connect and make your selling journey a success.

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